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Nick Knight gets awkward after Dinesh Karthik, Ravi Shastri mention his 19-year-old daughter on air

Former England cricketer Nick Knight appeared a tad awkward when Dinesh Karthik and Ravi Shastri tried to get information about his daughter’s tennis skills.

Former England batter Nick Knight got visibly awkward after Dinesh Karthik and Ravi Shastri brought his 19-year-old daughter into discussion while performing commentary duties on Day 4 of the third Test between India and England in Rajkot. With Yashasvi Jaiswal and Sarfaraz Khan forging a solid partnership, the trio was talking about how Indian cricketers such as the pair batting have had to prioritise cricket over education before Knight’s daughter was dragged into the conversation.

From Left: Ravi Shastri, Dinesh Karthik and Nick Knight on commentary(Screengrab)

Knight’s daughter, whose name wasn’t revealed, is apparently a budding tennis player, and as DK wanted to believe, is probably the best in her age group. Adding to the success stories of Sarfaraz and Jaiswal, as Karthik dwelled into it a little more about Knight’s daughter, the former England batter was clearly in no mood to reveal much about her. Here is how the conversation went.

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Karthik: Not many know that your daughter is a lovely tennis player. She has opportunity to go to America but you’re reluctant to send her away. You want to keep her in the nest. Understandable that. How good is she, Nick? What does she do? Under-14, Under-16… she’s the best in Under-16. Am I right there?

Knight: I don’t like talking about it. She’s ok.

That is when Shastri came in, trying to get a little more out of Knight but the ex-England opener didn’t budge.

Shastri: You’re being modest. I saw her play and she was whacking it properly there. I didn’t know. I heard that the surname was Knight but I didn’t know it was your daughter.

Knight: Let’s move on with the cricket.

Knight’s career and current role in India vs England series

Knight, a former cricketer who represented England in 17 Tests and 100 ODIs, scored 4395 runs during his eight-year-long international career stretching from 1995 to 2003. In, fact it was Knight who faced the first ever ball to breach the 100-mile per hour barrier bowled by Shoaib Akhtar.

After retiring at the end of the 2003 World Cup, Knight made a transition into broadcasting, becoming a member of the Sky Sports cricket commentary team. Knight joined the Jio Cinema commentary panel from the third Test, replacing Kevin Pietersen, who flew back home after the first two Tests in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam.


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