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Prime Sports owner reacts to MS Dhoni sporting new bat sticker, reveals MSD’s special gift

Dhoni’s new bat sticker, ‘Prime Sports’, honors friend Paramjit Singh, who reacted to his friend’s wonderful gesture.

MS Dhoni sent the internet into a frenzy last week when he began training for the IPL 2024 sporting a new sticker on his bat. The label, which read ‘Prime Sports’ was Dhoni’s gesture to his friend Paramjit Singh, owner of the company ‘Prime Sports’, who began his journey in the sports apparel market 20 years ago. Today a big name, the foundation of Prime Sports was laid when it debuted as a store in Ranchi; hence, on noticing Dhoni’s heartwarming gesture, Paramjit, Dhoni’s childhood friend, was filled with joy.

MS Dhoni and Paramjit Singh are old friends. (Screengrab)

“I am feeling very proud of him. He has always been there for us. And this is our friendship. Friendship No. 1,” he told Aaj Tak. Paramjit also revealed a bat that was gifted to him and autographed by the man himself, which carried the message: “Best wishes, Chhotu Bhaiya.”

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As Dhoni approaches the end of his professional cricket career, he has made it a habit to show his courtesy towards people or institutes that have supported him at any stage. As Dhoni played his final game for India in the semi-final of the 2019 World Cup, he sported the stickers of SS and BAS, the first two biggest bat sponsors in MSD’s cricketing career. Hence, it is no surprise as to why ‘Prime Sports’ made it to Dhoni’s bat ahead of what in all likelihood, will be his final IPL season.

What Adam Gilchrist said

The news of Dhoni’s new bat sticker made a lot of headlines and created quite the buzz. It even crossed borders, all the way to Australia, where it captured the attention of the great Adam Gilchrist, who touched upon it while doing commentary during the 2nd T20I between Australia and West Indies.

“I saw him hitting some balls in the nets, MS Dhoni. There’s a new bat sticker on his bat. Just a local sports store of one of his schoolmates. Whack the company name on your bat just to give a boost to sales,” he had said.


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